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Learn how Gorgi Nikkaran came up with his revolutionary invention, Gravocore.

About Gorgi Nikkaran Gravocore Founder

Meet Gorgi

Before Gravocore Thumbnail

Before Gravocore

An avid lifetime runner, Gorgi found himself seriously out of shape after a hip resurfacing surgery. A breakthrough came when he wanted to do one of his favorite exercises, a simple set of squats, and he could no longer put that kind of stress on his joints. Gorgi realized if he could somehow engage his whole body to offset the pressure, he would be able to accomplish the movement with much less pressure and impact on his hip joints.

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After Gravocore

As an artist and innovator, Gorgi’s immediate next step was to create, so he combined pieces of luggage with ropes and pulleys from the hardware store to build a makeshift gear and lever system. He was able to use the apparatus to complete a series of squats in a fluid motion without any strain on his joints. In just a few weeks of working out with the new invention, he was in better shape than before his surgery. Gorgi knew he had something special on his hands now is excited to share Gravocore with the world.